BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Interns

BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Interns


Today Jilly and Jaguar bonded with Ella Eyre over cats, big hair… and swimming caps at the incredible BBC Maida Vale Studios!

…We also met the Beatles…



This morning Jaguar and a pink-onesied Ore have ‘Sofa Time’ with Glen from The Script. 

We talked Tinder, awkward encounters at urinals and superheroes…

Steven Spielberg eat your heart out. Hamza gets behind the lens for our new video. 

Steven Spielberg eat your heart out. Hamza gets behind the lens for our new video. 



First of our many interviews for our *hushhush* on-going video project ‘When The Interns Met…’ 

Stay tuned!

Meet The Interns (July - Aug 2014)

Meet(Right To Left) Hamza, Jaguar, Jilly, Ore 

Hamza: Yoooo, Hamza here, no one likes a long intro so ill keep short and sweet. I currently run my own radio show and have been building up this brand for the last 5 years.  Were most known for our grime freestyle videos on Youtube but span over Soundcloud, Blogs etc as well. I’m also a rapper in the upcoming hip hop collective Lucid Drift so love all creative aspects of music + the organisational and editing side of things. I’ll be working on Mistajam’s show + with the visualisation team so watch this space because there’s BIG THINGS TO COME!!

Jaguar: Yo, I’m Jaguar (like the cat not the car), a student at Leeds uni. I didn’t realise how intense my love for radio was until I joined Student Radio last year and began presenting and producing my own show: Dangerous Jag.I’ll be working on Gemma Cairney’s and Sarah-Jane Crawford’s shows on R1 and 1Xtra and CANNOT WAIT! Currently loving life with these guys at R1 - although in this photo we do resemble some cringey 90’s band… 

Jilly:  I’m Jilly, I’m from Belfast and I’ve just finished my second year of English at Uni. It has to be said, as summer jobs go, interning at R1 seems a pretty sweet deal… 

Ore:Why hello there, My name is Ore (Yes, it is spelled like that famous biscuit brand lols.) Right, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way; I’m 18 years old, I blog for various websites, I do a bit of presenting, I’ve literally just finished College and I’ve somehow managed to blag myself this job at Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Music is life, I literally heart music and I’m incredibly passionate about Radio! For the next 2 months I’m working here and you can follow my journey on this Tumblr! (Don’t we look a little bit like Liberty X? HOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Ala Scott Mills*)   

So this is it! The Take it On Scheme has come to an end for us today. We just had our goodbye donuts which were both really yummy and really sad.

These last two weeks I have been with the marketing team, although a lot of my time has been taken up by my Newsbeat research project and all the crying I’ve been doing, realising it’s the imminent end of the 8 weeks.

It’s been an amazing experience, one that I probably should have documented better on this tumblr than I have. Luckily the Jo’s have been much better.

Good luck to all those who apply to be in the next group!


The End

 Hi Everyone, Intern Joanne here. This is my last week – last day – with the very cool music team, selecting the future tunes that you’ll be listening to. And what the future holds for me, I don’t know. But what I do know is I’ve had a fantastic, amazing 8 weeks.

If you are going to do this internship my one piece of advice is to be keen, ask, ask and don’t stop asking. Big ups to all the teams, everyone is so friendly.

Until the next time,


Last Day :(

I cannot believe today is my last day and my last post.
I’ll be finishing off this week working on Sarah Jane’s show which has been a blast and I’ve learnt a lot from working with the Assistant Producer and Producer and it has been a great show to finish on.

Also myself and the other interns have been working on a little video project that we were set which we all filmed and I finished editing today, even though it was a short project it was a lot of fun and took me back to my Uni days.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You to the BBC and the Take It On Scheme, this whole opportunity has been a fantastic experience and something I will never forget. From the moment I got here till this very last day I’ve had a blast. I have learnt so much and had a chance to experience lots of new things. I would recommend anyone interested in media and radio to check out the internship and apply! Trust me you’ll love it!

Peace out people

"Will you go on a date with me?"

Something rather funny happened the other day, I was simply sat in the office finishing off some work when I was summoned to one of the studios for a surprise… find out why on BBC iPlayer Charlie Sloth 10/03/14 (last hour)


Going Good

So it is my last week here at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra which is a really sad thought but has been a fantastic experience. So I have been spending my time working on Sarah Jane’s show and with the whole team which has been great and I have been able to put together everything I’ve learnt throughout my time here, working alongside the Assistant Producer and Producer on this show and other shows has been a real eye opener for me, being a Producer is possible something I’d like to aim for but it’s still early days.

Ohh and yes last week I presented my research project to all the big bosses and phew I survived ha! No but in all honesty it was a lot of fun and a brilliant opportunity to feedback to the people who can make things happen. They all seemed really pleased with my pitch and in fact I was asked to take my research to the department that was currently working on the website, so I’ve literally just come back from that meeting and again I was able to give some insights and thoughts on the project as well as having a sneak peak as to what they have so far.