BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Interns

BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Interns

An Update from James - Week One Is Complete!


As I write this, I’m already coming to the end of my first week here at Radio 1/1Xtra HQ – when ex-intern Alice told me on my assessment day that the experience would fly by, she wasn’t lying! Now though I’m feeling completely at home – 1Xtra’s leading lady at breakfast, Yasmin Evans even complimented me on my collection of sweaters – the ultimate seal of approval for my winter wardrobe.

At the beginning of this week, we were lucky enough to observe both Trevor Nelson and Charlie Sloth broadcast live to the nation on their respective shows – the shows are seriously impressive to watch as they happen; the teams know their craft and work like clockwork to ensure everything works well, and to time. We were also given a brief introductory course into how to control the desks and use the studios in general. Whilst we’re not going to be hopping onto the desk to do some last minute cover for the DJs anytime soon, it’s helpful nonetheless to know exactly how the radio is made each week.

Later in the week we were also invited to playlist meetings, editorials and creative meetings to gain a greater understanding of how the team works. The playlist meetings in particular were both really insightful – we got to see first-hand just how the music that daytime shows on both networks play gets chosen. The process is open and democratic, and allows for a wide variety of opinions to be heard and taken into account before the final playlists are published. In the coming weeks, Becky and I will continue to get involved in the music side of things, as we’ve both been invited to our own plugger’s meetings to shadow. On the back of this, we’ll be able to go back into further Radio 1 playlist meetings to give our feedback, which is an extremely exciting prospect. After all, whilst observing is enjoyable – being able to really get our hands stuck in the music debate is even more so.

We also spent some of Thursday helping out on some special studio tours for students visiting the building. As part of this, we were lucky enough to overhear some of Sarah-Jane Crawford’s advice for aspiring broadcasters (even though it wasn’t explicitly directed at us!). To hear some pearls of wisdom from someone who has established such a successful and impressive broadcasting career in both radio, and more widely, was really insightful – her offer to shadow some of her shows whilst we’re here will certainly not be ignored; it’s just about finding time!

Finally, today I think I’ve secured some time to interview a true broadcasting icon of mine as part of the work towards my presentation for the big boss Ben in December (more details to come…). It’s now also only a week until I start on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, so it was lucky enough that I bumped into the lovely Matt , Fiona and Ian (The Radio 1 Breakfast show production team) in the lifts on the way to lunch today.

It’s truly been a crazy week – keep following us here to keep up to date with our progress!

Bye for now!

First Week As A Super Star Intern Complete!



When they said it would go quick they weren’t lying! Week 1 is coming to an end and I’ve already learnt loads. I was greeted with this message from 1xtra Breakfast Presenter Yasmin Evans, so I thought it would be good for a ‘first week’ blog photo (This is only her opinion of me, so slightly biased but I’ll take it).

Myself and James have spent the first week together working through lots of must do online training. HOWEVER, we’ve managed to get stuck in with meetings, schedules, introducing ourselves to producers we’re working with, meeting mentors, editors, presenters, emailing around and just getting to know the both stations and its fab people on the 8th floor of the BBC that keep it going.

Already we’ve been in the main playlist meetings for R1 and 1xtra. These are the big meetings with the best ears in the industry deciding what the stations should play the following weeks either in the day time or in other ways. They’re both similar but also different, 1xtra’s was fun and a little more relaxed, we got to have an opinion and give our own say which is very cool! The R1 Playlist meeting was a lot busier and a little more serious so we sat on the side sofas, eager and ready to take in what everyone had to say. After hearing music and everyone in the room suggesting anymore to be played the meeting ended and we got asked our opinions. In these situations I’m honest and open, they really appreciate our feedback being a part of the young audience they are targeting!

You soon get into it after you hear what everyone else has to say and notice you have to take in all the other factors when listening to the music, such as what the audience expect, artists the stations support, popularity and not just if you like it or not. I enjoyed hearing new music and established artists and how the process is broken down around the table to get into the playlist!

We’ve had meetings with BBC3; have been given our Research Project by the ID team and a Social Media meeting with Alex Manzi (1xtra Social Media Content Producer) about how he goes about all the accounts. Saying that he’d appreciate me telling you lot to go follow/subscribe/like:

Twitter: @1xtra

Facebook: Search BBC Radio 1xtra

Instagram: bbc1xtra

Snapchat: bbc1xtra

YouTube: BBCRadio1xtra

I can’t forget to say we’ve already sat in on Trevor Nelson’s show, the smo0o0o0oth operator and Charlie Sloth’s show, OWWWWWW! The presenters and production teams are approachable, friendly and let you ask them plenty of questions. We also got in some studio training time, it was good to put what I’ve learnt through Uni and student radio shows into practice. Luckily they use the same systems here but I’m still going to book in studio practice time to have a play around. Plus being in the actual R1/1xtra studios is obviously very cool. Side note: If you want to be a part of the production teams you’ve got to know these technical things so you can help!

I really don’t want to make these too long, so I’ll start doing quick snippets of anything I think you’ll find useful. This one’s big as it’s a weekly one!

Becky! xo

 Also… bumped into Drake <3

Reserved for Interns…


Becky (Left), James (Right)             


Hi! I’m 21 and I still can’t quite believe I’m here at Radio1 and 1Xtra. If you’d told me a few months ago that I’d be spending my first few months out of university working at one of the most prolific and forward-thinking radio stations in the world, I would’ve laughed you out the room. From being ferried to primary school with Sara Cox’s breakfast show blaring out the car stereo to using Annie Mac’s Sunday evening show to ease me through my exams, Radio 1/1Xtra are, for those of us who’ve grown up through this last decade of tremendous technological change, one of the few media services specifically for young people that has adapted, embraced new technology and survived. With this in mind, I’m sure this placement will be an extremely rewarding experience. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

This week, Becky and I found out what shows we’ll be working on during our time here. Excitingly, I have an electric mix of rotations to grapple with – two with a journalistic focus, namely Newsbeat and the documentaries team, as well as rotations with the specialist programming team (the team behind the specialist evening shows) and Radio 1’s flagship breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw. To see how such an iconic show as the Radio 1 Breakfast show works first hand will be an immensely rewarding experience I’m sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team make it sound so seamless and professional.

I’m so excited to get stuck in with all these projects, and I’m really looking forward to everything that’s thrown my way! I should probably now hand over to my fellow intern Becky to introduce herself!


Heyyyy Becky here! I’m buzzing to be at the Radio 1/1xtra HQ! I’m 21, from Manchester and have just graduated from Salford University (even though I want to stress you do not need qualifications to get on this Intern scheme, just a passion for music, creating ideas and young people). Being a Northern gal I’ve relocated for 8 weeks and I’m adjusting to the south water in my cuppa in the mornings!  

To start, you know what, being here isn’t as daunting as you’d think. Everybody is lovely, approachable and so ready to help you learn! This isn’t a ‘sit quiet and make tea everyday internship’; you get a busy schedule, attend lots of meetings and get set tasks daily and weekly. We’ll be updating you lot on what we’re doing, who we’ve met and all the cool things we get to do! Alongside hard work and some fun you’ll get an insight into our intern world and lots of pictures. There are only two of us this time round so it may not be together a lot of the time.

My schedule for the next weeks is as follows: Specialist programmes for two weeks (inc: Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, B Traits, Friction & Charlie Sloth!). I’m heading up to Birrrrrrrmingham for a week with Charlie Sloth & the team for the build up to 1xtra live (FYI: LINE UP IS SO GOOD GOOGLE IT). Then with Greg James for two weeks before my final week of wildcards and a presentation with the big boss!

Chow! x


It’s been a pleasure being a r1 and 1x intern and I hope that this is only the beginning of my radio career!

Dangerous Jag

- Dangerous Jag xoxoxo

It’s goodbye for now…

Today is a very sad day. So I’m going to keep this brief. 

It’s officially our last day as interns today. I seriously can’t believe how quick these 8 weeks have gone by; I remember walking in on my first day being completely in awe of everything. As cliche as it sounds, it has been an amazing experience and the last 2 months have just been like heaven!

I’ve learned so much much whilst being at R1 & 1X and this has been a life changing experience. I’m going to cherish every last moment for ever… (get a grip Ore).

If you are passionate about Radio all I can say is apply for this internship. Simple as that. 

Just want to say thank you everyone and hopefully I’ll see you guys sooner rather than later. 


It&#8217;s been real, but this ain&#8217;t the last you&#8217;ve heard of Ore, Hamza and Jaguar.


It’s been real, but this ain’t the last you’ve heard of Ore, Hamza and Jaguar.



Pre-raving with the QUEEN of raving herself, @anniemacdj 👑

She is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met!

I got to sit in on Annie’s show for part of my wildcard!

I also got to witness her phone call with Grimes for her Bedtime Mix feature on #MusicalHotWaterBottle! Grrrrreat day!

The End is Nigh!

Why is it that everything becomes increasingly awesome here when we’re about to leave?!

Radio 1 and 1Xtra have great perks: last week Hamza and I took a little intern outting to DJ Targets ‘Pitch Up’ event in Dalston. We got our drink on and met some cool people and saw the likes of M.O, G Frsh and Mikill Pane (and his rad socks).

I’ve learnt the hard way that most music industry people don’t like to dance at these kind of events, so when I was getting my twerk on (Ore style), I tragically, was the only one…


I feel this photo relays the tone of the night well. Especially the gun fingers. 

This week I went to see Childish Gambino at the Brixton Academy with some of the 1Xtra music team which was AMAZING!!! He’s such a dude. I’mma start a fan club..

Yesterday we presented our projects to Ben Cooper which was scary/exhilarating/surprisingly fun. Not many people get to spend 15 minutes talking to the big boss himself and so it was a real honour to be given the opportunity to do so! He was smiling and nodding his head to my words, so I hope that means he liked it!

Next week, we are being scattered to different parts of the BBC for our wildcards. I’ll be working with BBC Radio Comedy which should be hilarious! (See what I did there?)

It’s going to be an emotional goodbye when we leave here next week sobs, but I know that each of us will do everything in our power to pry our way back into the BBC. This ain’t the end!

What a day!

'Ello 'Ello Intern Ore 'ere,

Today has been somewhat of a surreal day for me. Possibly the highlight of my infant media career so far. So, I had to wake up extra early today (4am) as I was shadowing the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio 2 (the most listened to show in the country might I add!). I actually asked to sit in on the show because I thought it’d be really great to see how another BBC radio station operates. Even though it was completely different to Radio 1 and 1 Xtra it was still a very enjoyable experience; Chris is such a pro and he makes presenting a radio show look so effortless. 

After the Breakfast Show I had to run back to R1 & 1X HQ to do last minute prep for my big presentation to the head of both networks, Ben Cooper. Long story short we were given research tasks at the beginning of our interships and we had to present our findings in the penultimate week; to be fair it went better than I expected. He was very understanding and was eager to hear what we had come up with. 

Spending your morning with Chris Evans and Ben Cooper. Just your average Thursday to be honest. 

Oh yeah, Mr Evans signed my book. Of course I was excited. Who wouldn’t be. 

Right, I wish there was a reasonable explanation as to why I have make up on my face. However there isn&#8217;t. So yesterday afternoon, we the interns shot a funny little video with the very beautiful Miss Sarah-Jane Crawford. 
I&#8217;m not going to tell what actually happened in the video because it&#8217;ll ruin the surprise&#8230;But do look out for it because I&#8217;m sure it&#8217;ll make you cuckle. 
It&#8217;s all part of the job and to be honest with you, I think I look pretty cute with make up on. Don&#8217;t you? In the meantime, you can sit (or stand, or even lie down, depending on your current location) and just take in this awesome piece of photography. 


Right, I wish there was a reasonable explanation as to why I have make up on my face. However there isn’t. So yesterday afternoon, we the interns shot a funny little video with the very beautiful Miss Sarah-Jane Crawford. 

I’m not going to tell what actually happened in the video because it’ll ruin the surprise…But do look out for it because I’m sure it’ll make you cuckle. 

It’s all part of the job and to be honest with you, I think I look pretty cute with make up on. Don’t you? In the meantime, you can sit (or stand, or even lie down, depending on your current location) and just take in this awesome piece of photography.