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Fearne, Live Lounge and the Girl Who Likes To Twerk!

It was only my second day working on Fearne’s Radio 1 show but already I was destined to meet one of the biggest names in music. Yes, that’s right, Hannah Montana herself, a.k.a Miley Cyrus was about to come for her first live lounge experience.

I knew the day was a bit special as soon as I touched down at New Broadcasting House. There were a good 200 ‘smilers’ (that’s the term for Miley’s fans… no I don’t get the name either!) waiting outside for the ‘wrecking ball’ singer; apparently some were waiting from as early as 5:30am. Now that is taking dedication to whole new levels.

As I walked into the studio to meet Fearne and her production team it was a monumental struggle trying not to trip over any electrical wiring placed by the 200+ crew member setting up the live lounge area. Okay, 200+ is an exaggeration but there were people and objects everywhere! Everyone was going Miley mad!

I have seen the crew set up a few live lounges these past 5 weeks but nothing came close to the amount of work put into Miley’s performance. There were more instruments on show than I could possibly name and trust me, I tried!

To my surprise Fearne’s production team were very relaxed. They have seen loads, and I mean LOADS, of artists come through those doors to do a live lounge, so they are very experienced. Fearne was at a desk prepping notes for the interview before saying Hi to Grimmy and the nation at 9:50 am. Producer James and Assistant producer Anna were going through the music scheduling, informing the world via social media about the show and setting up the studio.

The first two hours of the show went smoothly and everyone was getting more excited. We even had Annie Mac and Grimmy join us in the studio to discuss the live lounge as well as a general catch-up with Fearne. As news was gathering that Miley had entered the building it was time to get everything in order. Camera positions were set, Mics were adjusted, notes were prepped.

As it is my first week with Fearne’s team I was mainly shadowing Chris and Anna, helping them with any little tasks along the way. However, this also means knowing when to make as little fuss as possible and letting them do their jobs.

12pm came and so did Miley to do an interview with Fearne. I must say, whatever people think about the 20 year old, she came across as very sweet, humorous and intelligent in the interview. Credit to Fearne and the team for making Miley feel so comfortable and relaxed. She felt so comfortable that she even danced to a 2 chainz record that played after the interview whilst telling us stories about the U.S rapper. 

During the live lounge Miley gave a heartfelt rendition of ‘wrecking Ball’ as well as covering the Lana Del Ray hit ‘Summertime Madness’. The ‘Summertime Madness’ cover has surpassed 1 million views on Youtube and it has only been one day since the performance!

After all the chaos Miley went to do some interviews with Newsbeat and spoke to a half naked Greg James on a wrecking ball, I’m sure Miley will be remembering that interview for a long time.

There are several things I learnt about live lounges and from this experience. The crew dedicated to setting up the live lounge area deserve A LOT of credit, it is not an easy job and with different demands from different artists every-week their role cannot be taken for granted.

Fearne and her production team demonstrated a masterclass in how to react and prepare for such big artists. They were very relaxed and handled any potential difficulties head on without any fuss. Knowing how to cope with changing circumstances is also vital for the role of a producer. Some producers may have told Annie and Grimmy to stay outside and not interfere with the live broadcast; however, James used them to hype up the live lounge and added interaction with Fearne, which made for great radio.

On a final note, it was very interesting seeing how an artist deals with the pressure’s of performing and giving interviews. Contrary to public opinion, Miley was very helpful, had time for anyone who wanted something from her, very interactive with Fearne (and Grimmy!) and most importantly, gave two fantastic live performances.


Next week I will be updating you on my daily tasks as well as info on the next two live lounge performances!

Bye for now,

Intern David.

2 weeks with Mistajam

Y’alright everyone!

I was trying to think of a nice snappy title for my blog-post like Katie and Russel but alas, I failed and went for simplicity.

So yes, my two weeks with Mistajam and his team has sadly came to an end but I cannot be more grateful for the wonderful experience I’ve had with them. 

I have learnt invaluable skills the past two weeks whilst doing several tasks, including:

  • Scheduling the day’s music output
  • Marking Mix’s sent by labels and Djs
  • Researching for Hip Hop month features
  •  editing ‘JamHot’s’ using Star Track editing software
  • compiling track-lisitings and taking pictures of guests / Daily Dose sets
  • Recording JamHot features with artists

During the first week we welcomed the lovely Ella Eyre into the studio. Ella has featured on both Naughty Boy / Rudimental releases the past year and is destined for a bright future. I hope her new single Deeper turns out to be a hit, I’m sure you will enjoy it. 


Later on that week we then welcomed a host of MCs for the Show ‘N’ Prove Daily Dose mix, which included the likes of The Rascals, Smiler, G FrSh, Benny Banks, Amplify Dot and Big Narstie. As a Grime fan I particularly enjoyed this set and it was a real education seeing how such a hectic set is produced professionally, kudos to Janine and Ian!

The next week saw the beginning of 1xtra’s Hip Hop and a pre-recorded hour set with U.K Hip Hop legend Rodney P. Many critics still regard London Posse’s Gangster Chronicle as the best Hip Hop album made in the U.K, so it was an amazing experience witnessing Rodney P spit some of his old skool lyrics.


However the big guests did not stop there. We had Tinie Tempah make an appearance, going through each track on his 2nd album Demonstration. Both Tinie, Mistajam and the listeners loved this format, something we will hopefully see more of on Radio 1 & 1xtra for big album releases. 

The fortnight ended with another U.K Hip Hop daily dose mix, this time mixed by Mistajam himself with a mixture of Grime and rap artists including: Bashy, Sway, Akala, G FrSh and Lunar C .


It’s been a great 2 weeks working with Mistajam and his team; I will be leaving the 1xtra side of the office, jumping ship to R1 the next fortnight to work with Ferne Cotton and her team , I will keep you all posted.

Speak to y’all later

Intern David 

Love You Bye


Hello everyone, Katie here again - hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying our posts on this. Another amazing week for me and the guys at the mighty new Broadcasting House. I had the pleasure again of spending my week with Scott Mills and his team, literally never a dull moment! From creating the daily podcast again to coming up with Real Or No Reals to sorting your wonderful sent in Innuendo Bingos (my personal fav this week has to be ‘I just tripped over my truncheon’) to discussing the Tinder app and my lack of luck on air, it’s been a lot of fun!


Kingsland Road and lovely comedian Chris Ramsey called in this week for a spot of Innuendo Bingo in the studio, yes I know what an awful selection of lads to have to spend time with.. someone has to do it! 


I’ve learnt new skills, worked hard and laughed even harder alongside Scott, Chris and co this past fortnight I’ve truly enjoyed myself so much. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere and buzz around the Radio 1 & 1Xtra 8th floor, there is a passion and love of music seeping from every desk and the array of people you bump into day to day is seriously surreal, can I stay here forever please Ben Cooper? Even just to red out the bins and clean the toliets? (hint hint) CHEERS!


Us lucky interns got to go to the annual Student Radio Awards at London’s 02 arena on Thursday, massive congratulations to everyone nominated and especially those who won! I love to see people who are ambitious and excited about something and that’s exactly what that room was full of. 


This week I’m joining the Interactive department which I can’t wait to get stuck in with. They’re in charge of all the social and digital aspects to Radio 1 & 1Xtra, i’ll be getting the chance to pay particular attention to the R1 Dance page and platforms which is so up my street it’s silly. This Friday night I’m shadowing a hero of mine, Queen Annie Mac! To get to see how her show is put together and watch the raving unfold in person is a massive deal for me. I’m getting to hang around after to help out with Pete Tong who after moving stateside, is back to do his show live from R1 HQ this Friday evening - potentially best Friday ever?

Look forward to sharing a few more tales with you next week, have a good one! Raving or behaving - RAVING!


Teens, Tinie, Kingsland and Awards!

Hi Hi all! #InternRussell here checking in with you about all the happenings here at Radio 1/1Xtra!

For the last two weeks I’ve been working with the team working on the radio side of the Teen Awards. It is also the team who work on the weekend shows, including The Official Chart Show, Huw Stephens among many others!

So the first week was quite hectic, getting scripts and running orders finalised and perfect all in prep for the big day on Sunday. There was also a special broadcast on Saturday when during Matt Edmondson’s show and Huw Stephens’ show, Teen Award hosts and performers would co-host the show with them on Radio 1 for an hour each. So there was Little Mix, The Vamps, Conor Maynard, Tinie Tempah, James Arthur and Rizzle Kicks all in and out of the Radio 1 studios.



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Backstage at this years Radio 1 Teen Awards!
#Radio1 #1Xtra

Backstage at this years Radio 1 Teen Awards!

#Radio1 #1Xtra

'Very Famous In Ukraine'

Hi everyone, Katie here with a quick catch up on what I’ve been up to over the past week and what a week it’s been!

Since last Monday I’ve had the absolute pleasure of joining Scott Mills and his team and I can happily confirm that Scott & co are as lovely and hilarious as you would hope. From sourcing them a 99p Store to film in with a couple of Russian billionaires (no biggie) to editing the daily podcast and clipping up and listening to many a silly Innuendo Bingo entry, it’s been busy but seriously fun. Heroes of the week include Alice Levine for being a top sport and playing Halloween Innuendo Bingo and getting completely drenched in the dark and Chris Stark for waking up post our evening at the 'Meet The Russians' insane penthouse with big baller Zahoor’s actual mobile number! If you missed it, please give this a watch and enjoy what a brilliantly silly day I was part off, Kamaliya and Zahoor are superb - #veryfamousinukraine

As a listener, I never appreciated how much time and effort goes into creating a show as continuously strong and popular as Scott’s on and off air so it’s been a real education and I’m loving that experience.

As Sundays go, today was a gem finishing of a belter of a week at Radio 1 via their Teen Awards at Wembley Arena which featured performances from the likes of Rizzle Kicks, Fall Out Boy and Tinie Tempah (swoon). Massive props to everyone involved and congratulations to the teen heroes awarded, so rightfully deserved.

I begin another week as part of The Scott Mills show tomorrow which I’m pumped for and us interns have got The Student Radio Awards this Thursday night, get your shirts ironed boys waaaay! We’re also working on something really special and can’t wait to share that with you all. Hope you enjoy my snaps from the week to, many a good time had!

Lots of love, Katie xxx


Check out this recent video from us interns in the studio; rude not to!


Happy Saturday from us here at Radio 1 & 1xtra HQ!
@BBCR1 @1Xtra


Happy Saturday from us here at Radio 1 & 1xtra HQ!

@BBCR1 @1Xtra

Fancy some lighthearted entertainment this Tuesday evening? Of course you do! Check out these stunning portraits we created of each other last week as part of a warm-up exercise on our Creative Training course via The BBC Academy. Only small catch with these Van Gogh inspired pieces is that we were not allowed to look at the page when we were drawing.. Banksy who?

Us interns are loving every minute, from sitting in on the playlist meetings (mindblowing) to getting studio and writing for radio training and advice from the likes of the lovely Aled Haydn Jones, it’s been an education and a pleasure.

Busy week ahead for us, already featuring idea after idea mixed in with superb chat and fun. We look forward to sharing more with you as the week goes on.

From us, have a good one!

#InternRussell #InternKatie #InternDavid