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TODDLA T is going for it! What happened on new years eve with him and Charlie?! 

Tune in from 7pm ON Wednesday! 



There is a lot to pull off in a week, but we have every confidence that we will!

Aled and Leanne have been so great at working with us to put our big ideas into reality- something that 4 creative but new-to-the-business kids forget to do sometimes!

Just out of a brain storm session. I have found that these work in a great way- one huge burst of super fast scribbling, everyone getting louder and more excited, ideas churning and churning and then………… crash. They are SO productive and so simple to do, and don’t take long cause you crash so quickly, your brain goes into overdrive!

We are splitting our show into 3 sections, 45mins, 30mins then 45mins. The middle is taken care off. Trust me!! What we have been working on today is filling the first and last sections. As our presenters are such wicked personalities and goes with out saying professionals, it would be very unnecessary for us to script for them- almost patronising to these legends! (If you didn’t catch our launch trail this morning, im talking about Grimmy, Toddla T and Charlie Sloth!!!)

So, what we are going to do instead is give them a prompt list with suggestions from: how to sabbotage their opponents shows and tamper the flawless musical rep of these selectors, to letting us into whats going to come up in their fight for the title!! We may even tip off a few plans of a few djs to the others… to throw ultimate fuel on the fire!

        We are so excited, lock in 27/02/13 7-9pm and back your dj!!!

Alice xx


Now if you didn’t hear the trail go out this morning on the breakfast show at 7.45am here it is, a lot of work went into this and I was very proud with the outcome, we still had to re-do more of the voices to sound like normal people! lol!

Big thank you to Patrick who helped make the trail possible he edited it all and mixed it and it sounds amazing. The best trail that we could have hoped for aaaaaaaand it’s as amazing as the show will be.

Here’s myself and Patrick below when he was mixing it, listen in!!!!



I was in charge of getting a trail ready for this show of ours. I enlisted the help of Patrick, who creates all the trails for R1 and 1xtra.

Script writing then getting others to look over it and about 500 re-drafts later I had a script that worked and everyone agreed with! As the interns we all recorded our bits, there’s just a few people left to record there’s which I’ll chase up tomorrow ;).

Patrick will then have it ready for you guys to HOPEFULLY hear on Thursday. Yezzzzzzzzzir.

Tomorrow I’ll be working with the Review show so be ready for me on your airwaves YEAAAAAAAAH. 

(OH the vlogging will still take place when i’m not as tired as I am now)

Have a wonderful evening. 

*inserts picture of Kae with Patrick here*


Today is rather hectic! If you don’t know outside my work with the wonderful Beeb I’m a filmmaker and I have a film being screened at the BFI and I need to talk to a room full of hundreads of people about the craft!… That means me leaving in the middle of the day, it should be fine since I’m with the Visual department of Radio1/BBC 1xtra (The guys who make radio that bit better looking) so I’m hoping they understand :/

Anyway here is the first video I worked on with the Visual department!



Sat in with Grimmys Breakfast show again, spent the morning burning CD’s for the Jen Long mix from texts and callers. Onto artist notes, ideas for Call or Delete guests and writing an honest review of what I thought of that mornings show.

Nick & the team were really welcoming and gave me things to do and invited me to the ‘Comic Relief’ meeting for the plans for that big show! 

Rita Ora was in the Live Lounge and bought us all breakfast! Thats one for my CV right there…

We also recorded the Radio 1 attempt at the ‘Harlem Shake’ 

Spot me in the wig & binocular combination.. 

The afternoon ended with a really important meeting regarding our intern show! Got some amazing ideas & plans ready to come into action but really need to know what you lot, yes you want to hear/see/do during the show. Me & the other interns are essentially the same as you. I mean, a month ago I was at uni and working every weekend selling sofas…

We need to know what you want from this show. This is our chance to do stuff thats never been done on radio before so if you have any ideas please let us know via this blog or our twitter accounts (@ourname_intern)

Tomorrow, I work on Phil & Alice’s show for the next two days followed by the man himself Mr. Zane Lowe to close the week! 

Anyway, going to have yet another nap. 


What really happens during #Nickstape every Friday…


Last night was by far the most exciting night at Radio 1 for me, in that I got to be part of so many things that started my passion for dance music, the music industry and ultimately radio.

It’s hard to describe how much it meant to me but I’ll do my best!!

I have written music notes and formed schedules for other shows while i’ve been here, but last night I got to do so for two of my absolute heros- ANNIE MAC AND PETE TONG! As Aled could back up, I was a bit all over the place as I handed Annie my notes and said hey! And then the fun began…………..

I got to sit in/dance with them for 4 hours of the most eclectic, perfectly hand picked, quality dance music and over-all see how the masters of music do it! (Both with very different styles may I add!) (I did  do some work too….collected the texts for shout outs!)

Both shows are produced by Becci Abbott who just seems to be a master of her trade. She knows the DJs she works with down to a T, from the styles they prefer, to how they like to start a feature. She is so good at what she does that although she is in charge of the smooth running of each last bit of the show- she’s also in love with the music, so has a wicked time dancing while she’s working! Becci is leaving to manage some big names in dance music soon…. she’s one of a so many inspiring people i’ve met whilst being here.

I imagined the nerves I felt handing the music notes to the DJs and the adrenaline that ran through the shows is exactly how the producer feels before, throughout and after as their show they’ve molded comes together flawlessly.

So, needless to say, last night was a huge reminder of why I’m here and just made me even more sure and determined to have a life long career in the music industry! 

PS. Also met the boom DJ from the steel city….. toddlaaaaaaaa!

Alice xx


You guys are probably getting bored of my blogs, so from monday I’ll try and VLOG. Let’s face it it’ll be easier for both of us.

Sooo Thursday was spent on Scott Mills’ show. If you guys saw Innuendo Bingo:

It was WET, but yeah anyway Thursday morning I was going through emails that had been sent in for suggestions for clips to play, I cut them up and submitted them to Producer Emlyn (who btw is a hilarious genius) and some of them were used on that day! This was pretty fun.

Once the Thursday show was over I was with producer Chris (Not Chris Stark we’ll get onto him in a minute) I helped him a teeny bit with putting out the Scott Mills daily podcast which takes about an hour to do, lots of cutting up clips from the show required and finding out what order they sound best in. That was my day pretty much over after that!

Friday, I had to prepare notes for Scott for All Time Low coming in. ON a side note Rita Ora was in the Live lounge, now apparently she needed socks so Chris Stark volunteered to give his socks to her below is a picture of how delighted she was with the whole experience I’ll show you the video tomorrow because it’s too big to upload so I’ll have to edit some of it and to be honest on a Friday Night it’s a bit long! lolimage

After this wonderful mission with the lady in canary yellow, the show began. We were joined by All Time Low it was a funny interview. Great lads. The production team on Scott’s team are amazing they run like clockwork and all have great chemistry together and Emlyn is hilarious my highlight of the afternoon was when someone came round on a tour of the building and he said to them ”Yes we have a variety of Dench buttons in the studio” absolutely hilarious. Scott’s amazing as a presenter as well not just because of his confidence behind the mic but because he looks like he knows how that studio works better than most people which is commendable! Anyway here’s myself and Scott pointing at each other:


We had another session working on the intern show after our own shows and it’s going be HUGE. Trail’s going to be coming soon…and guess who’s in charge of that? YEaaaaah exactly. 

Have a great weekend, and I’ll try and upload that vid tomorrow.

@Kae_intern x 


Whassup you gorgeous looking people (you in the blue, you look really good, you been working out?)

Anyway, today was spent working on our show which if you hadn’t realised already is on the 27th 7-9pm (Shameless plug-cos i’m a badman like that) but yeah loads of ideas flying about and I can’t really reveal much but just realise it’s going to be epic and you can all get involved. 

It’ll be radioactive by that i mean it’ll be radio,interactive and just out of this world (not the rita ora song). So keep your eyes peeled for more information we shall be revealing soon.

Also today Greg invited us on his show, made a song for us called “Meet the Interns” he’ll soon be doing this is a live lounge so look out for it (one can only dream). In return he wanted us to come up witha feature from a list of names that had been tweeted into him, we chose ”Russian Poolette”, yes we went straight for toilet humour. We got a few DJ’s to give us their best straining noise and Greg and Chris Smith from Newsbeat had to guess who’s who. In the end Greg won this weirdly fun battle listen online on the iplayer although i’m sure moses will have a link up soon, he’s epic with the editing.

I’m off to sleep, tomorrow I’m working on Scott Mills show up until Friday!

Innuendo Bingo anyone?