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Sat in with Grimmys Breakfast show again, spent the morning burning CD’s for the Jen Long mix from texts and callers. Onto artist notes, ideas for Call or Delete guests and writing an honest review of what I thought of that mornings show.

Nick & the team were really welcoming and gave me things to do and invited me to the ‘Comic Relief’ meeting for the plans for that big show! 

Rita Ora was in the Live Lounge and bought us all breakfast! Thats one for my CV right there…

We also recorded the Radio 1 attempt at the ‘Harlem Shake’ 

Spot me in the wig & binocular combination.. 

The afternoon ended with a really important meeting regarding our intern show! Got some amazing ideas & plans ready to come into action but really need to know what you lot, yes you want to hear/see/do during the show. Me & the other interns are essentially the same as you. I mean, a month ago I was at uni and working every weekend selling sofas…

We need to know what you want from this show. This is our chance to do stuff thats never been done on radio before so if you have any ideas please let us know via this blog or our twitter accounts (@ourname_intern)

Tomorrow, I work on Phil & Alice’s show for the next two days followed by the man himself Mr. Zane Lowe to close the week! 

Anyway, going to have yet another nap.