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There is a lot to pull off in a week, but we have every confidence that we will!

Aled and Leanne have been so great at working with us to put our big ideas into reality- something that 4 creative but new-to-the-business kids forget to do sometimes!

Just out of a brain storm session. I have found that these work in a great way- one huge burst of super fast scribbling, everyone getting louder and more excited, ideas churning and churning and then………… crash. They are SO productive and so simple to do, and don’t take long cause you crash so quickly, your brain goes into overdrive!

We are splitting our show into 3 sections, 45mins, 30mins then 45mins. The middle is taken care off. Trust me!! What we have been working on today is filling the first and last sections. As our presenters are such wicked personalities and goes with out saying professionals, it would be very unnecessary for us to script for them- almost patronising to these legends! (If you didn’t catch our launch trail this morning, im talking about Grimmy, Toddla T and Charlie Sloth!!!)

So, what we are going to do instead is give them a prompt list with suggestions from: how to sabbotage their opponents shows and tamper the flawless musical rep of these selectors, to letting us into whats going to come up in their fight for the title!! We may even tip off a few plans of a few djs to the others… to throw ultimate fuel on the fire!

        We are so excited, lock in 27/02/13 7-9pm and back your dj!!!

Alice xx

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