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Last week was another mad one.

Started off on Monday & Tuesday on Alice & Phils team! 

Monday, we went around Brick Lane & Shoreditch filming our cover version of Macklemore - Thrift Shop. This was for Dan & Phils challenge which airs tonight, probably right now. 

I was an extra (wearing loads of fur) and also on the cameras. Basically just copying whatever Moses was doing as he’s the guy when it comes to filming! It was a wicked day and I felt like I actually made a difference towards this video as the team especially Phil Stocker (producer) were more than happy for me to do my own thing and voice my opinion. Looking forward to seeing the final thing later tonight. 

In the studio on Tuesday was a lovely lady by the name of Laura Mvula. I’ve been super lucky so far as her & Sam Smith are my favourite artists at the moment and I’ve somehow managed to be on shows with both of them as guests. It was interesting to see how they prepared towards interviewing musicians and how they approach a show. So far, every team plays it completely different to the next. One thing I have learnt is how much of a big job the producer has. The presenters essentially just voice the show that the producer has created. 

The dynamic of teams is another thing I look at while spending time with them. Zane Lowe was Thursday & Friday for me. I came into the office Thursday very excited as nearly everybody I’ve met in the building has said how incredible Zane & his team are. 

They definitely didn’t disappoint. 

James & Sam are the team behind the show and they were both ridiculously organised. I mean, overly organised. Every little detail was prepared towards the show. 

I scheduled the music for the show, edited an interview for the Hottest Record then helped with the intensive music notes Zane requires to perfect his delivery of the show. 

When Zane arrived we had a wicked chat in his studio where he gave me some brilliant advice as well as the basic formula to his show. “You let the bands tell the fans why to listen & you…" the rest I’m probably not allowed to say. But yeah, it made loads of sense. 

Zane gave me advice on how to use what I’ve gained here to go on to better things in the next few months. Advice that inspired me to work harder towards my goal when my time here is up. 

The show itself was only live for an hour where the Dave Grohl interview was a pre record so I didn’t “see the full effect." The three guys operate so well in the studio wether its editing & looping beds live in the show to updating the schedule to whatever else needs doing. 

Then on Friday, I prepared the script for Huw Stephens covering show on Monday, as well as scheduled all the music for the next week ahead. (told you they were organised) 

The interns came back together to film the Charlie Sloth response to Toddla T which will go online tomorrow along with Grimmys fighting talk. 

Look out for those as our show is WEDNESDAY. Going to be great fun. You’re in for a proper treat, promise. 


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